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Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing

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Free Trade Mark Search

Free Trade Mark Search

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Real Experts

4 Easy Steps to Apply for a Trade Mark Registration


Conduct a free trade mark search

To ensure that no similar trade marks have already been registered in Australia, try to conduct a search using our free search tool.


Fill out our simple interactive form

Simply click apply, fill out the interactive form and submit it online. Before submitting, you can always go back and examine them at any moment.


Your application will be submitted by us to IP Australia

Our team of trade mark professionals will review the details you submitted and may contact you if any major issues need to be addressed. Otherwise, we will file your application with IP Australia on your behalf within 1 - 2 business days.


The more classes you apply for, the higher the filing costs there will be

IP Australia will examine your application generally in 4 - 5 months. We will notify you as soon as we receive the result from IP Australia.


“As it’s my first time filing a trademark application on my own, I was literally worried, but the OneClick Trademark has made the filing of my trademark application incredibly quick and easy!”.

Michael A.

“Every step of the filing process is followed by an email of confirmation, making it really trustworthy and reliable. Will use this again for my next brand registration”

Oliva T.

“Great Service! It’s super easy to follow the step-by-step application process. I think I’ve saved $1k+@ in hiring a trademark attorney.”

Rachel S.

“OneClick TradeMark was awesome! Speedy and efficient. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend this service to others.”

Sean P.

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